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Acknowledgement and Dedication

Patrick Baier put each Presidential address into LaTex as a separate chapter and put the whole set of papers into a form searchable by date and name. The pictures of each President appear just before their speeches. Patrick also developed the poster containing the likenesses of the first 100 ASA Presidents. This is too big to be put on a website at full pixel, but it can be obtained from the ASA Office at the cost of postage and handling.

Mike Cooke, Stephen Fitzpatrick, and Shelby Mott obtained the Web site URL being used, which is www.ASAPresidentialPapers.info [create link] . They then arranged and loaded the material into the formats you see.

Special Acknowledgments

The preparation of this compilation, like any other large project, owes its success to the teamwork of many people, not all of whom ever get mentioned. Each deserves acknowledgment and this has been done in the narrative of the “Back Story” told so far, in particular the roles played by Wendy Alvey, Patrick Baier, Beth Kilss and Susan Cocola Ross. But others not mentioned already also played important roles. Megan Murphy, from the ASA Office, was invaluable in helping us track down some of the Presidential pictures and other missing material. Marilyn Ford (at NORC) obtained many of the older JASA articles from JSTOR and initially organized them – attempting to fill in gaps, where possible. Even though largely self-funded, a personal appreciation goes to John Thompson and Craig Coelen, NORC Presidents, for their support and that of NORC throughout my efforts and for the use of this site.

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